is the most advanced technology platform for learning dance online. is a tool for teachers and students from around the world for all styles of dance. LaDibi connects teachers and students on a platform that makes it easy to learn, exchange ideas, and build relationships.

Consider it a kind of magic chest in which to discover new styles, techniques and new ideas to improve your dancing.  LaDibi also offers a tool to measure your progress and results.

LaDibis is all this and more, the ever-evolving result of two years of development, growing from the base of the Fusion Dance Festival and aiming to build the best online dance community in the world.

LaDibi is the Online Academy of Dance, a central virtual dance education community which will guard the World’s Dances and related Arts for the Stage, featuring tutorials and articles by people with passionate love for the performing arts. It’s a virtual place to teach and study. This is the place where you’re the protagonist and where you can make a difference. Come join the community of dance!

Our Dream

The Art of Dance Makes This World A Better Place.

Share your Love With Us!



We share our Love for Dance and Arts, in order to live in a better World. Where Love is, there’s no space for War.


Without technique, talent disappears. A dancer with knowledge can keep going dancing longer.


We all are like diamonds, one side for each emotion. Being in touch with various Dance Styles can help us in improving the way we express our emotions and ideas through dance.

Be Yourself

Too many copies of someone else, but who you are? We believe in human being originality. Challenge yourself, in order to discover your inner essence.

If our dream is also yours, join us! Help us to grow and to spread the love for the Art of Dance.

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