Episode 67: Dance is a Drug – LaDibi in Berlin
December 24, 2018
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LaDibi in Berlin



Sports are good for you. Very good!

Then you get to 25 already aching between agonism, performances, creative projects and loads of studio hours behind you and you think…. “Are we sure about that?”

You get lucky and you rack up more experience, and many, many more hours spent in the studio and researching and at 35, you start to roll your way out of bed in the morning thinking… “Are we really sure?”

Your luck continues and here you are with more wonderful hours between studios, between stages and everything is creaking and crackling, including your hips and sternum and you think… “Mah!”

Yet you continue. Anything to come to an agreement with the physical pain. The kind that never gives up on you. The kind that always likes to remind you of all the times you “over-stretched”, all the times you hyperextended and all the hyperextensions you still deal with whispering into your ear; “You remember that time you over did it on the splits? Or the back bridge from the other day? Ha! Take that! And this too!” Waking you up 200 times a night, as if you were Papillon.

And its always that pain which reminds you that you chipped your acetabulum crest because “I can’t” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. You HAD TO achieve the full over split. You compressed your intervertebral discs because your back bridge wasn’t enough. No! You HAD TO twist yourself as if you had been born an eel.

So what do you do? You try to make friends with your own pain. You talk to it. You give it an all expenses paid holiday, who knows, maybe amused, it gives you a break for a bit. Even just a couple of hours would be enough for you to get some relief. Surely its got some other friends to take it out on other than you? On the contrary, no. It stays there watching you as you contort in the night, waking you up for sport. The same sport that’s sooooo good for you!

So you go on. Reviewing your nutritional regime. Gluten-free, lacto-free, taste-free, you would eat anything that crosses your path, husband included. Then comes the training plan, HIIT, isometry, functional movement, calisthenics, Pilates, all kinds of yoga, mind setting, your x-ray plates, you life, how you bend, how you ‘stretch’, who you hang out with, doctors and gurus from hell; the more the merrier!

Anything and everything just to go on. Now try and tell me that dance isn’t a drug!



… A special thanks for this episode goes out to Kaeshi Chai who invited me to come dance in Berlin and to Gudie who welcomed me to her fantastic event, and to Indaco Bali, my Theatre teacher who was a helping hand for this piece… Including the unintentional nursery rhyme. Girls, you made me switch on the turbo to complete the soundtrack of this act  😉       Love you!!!  <3

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