Where are the courses held?

Home School

You can study from your home with the Academy’s Teachers.

You can subscribe for all of the course to the Academy.

You can rent a workshop that inspires you the most.

You can even follow the class with your friends!

Book the Online classes now by clicking on the Contact Page.

Please, be sure to have a webcam and speakers.



Workshops & Retreats

We hold Workshops and Retreats around the world. Come study with us!

Our next event is Fusion Dance Festival.

Contact Us to discover more.


Who can attend LaDibi’s classes?

LaDibi, the Director of LaDibi Academy Online, is been teaching to anyone who is passionate about dancing! This is the only requirement.

No matter what your fitness level or dance experience is, everyone is welcome.

The lessons are held in mutual respect and in a complete harmony. We do not accept behavior that is not constructive or not ethically correct according to the common sense.

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What do I need for the online dance class?

The following are suggested general tips. The specific list may vary according to the focus of the program. You can check it with the teacher, when you are booking the class.

  • A good connection, webcam and speakers
  • Comfortable clothing to move you safely. Layered clothing, to work on techniques.
  • Keep your hair tidy. No distraction during the practice.
  • Socks or ballet shoes to protect your feet.
  • Something to write with
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Yoga mat

How does the Academy work?

The Online Academy allows you to study comfortably from where you want.

It’s a kind of Home School, a big project in constantly evolution.

The goal of LaDibi Online Academy is to offer you the opportunity to explore different disciplines, in order to prepare yourself in getting to the stage at your best, from Dance to Drama and more, with classes and workshops.

We are working hard for you. Stay Tuned!