What should I have to sponsoring the Fusion Dance Festival?

Reliability and Authority are required.

You can sponser the Festival as a person or as a Company, if you love dance and if you want to help grow your Dance Community.

Collaborations are more than welcome, in order to sensitize people about social issues and needs.

Whether you are, an individual Sponsor, an Entrepreneur or representing a Dance School, a Brand or a Social Project, positive attitudes and approaches are more then welcome.

We do not accept sponsorships with political or religious agendas.

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What benefits I’ll get by sponsoring the Festival?

There are different level of sponsorships.

Based on the Sponsor’s commitment, we guarantee at our expenses:

  • Online Advertising, nationwide, for one year on LADIBI.COM
  • Boosted Posts, on LaDibi FB Page
  • Your Brand Advertising, also through our Newsletter.
  • Interviews to spread your Brand Value.
  • Articles to disclose and promote your work.

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Why sponsoring the Festival?

The Fusion Dance Festival is the Festival for those who love the Dance. The Festival does not respond to any political or religious appeal.

The Festival looks towards the hope of dancing together in harmony and peace, over any kind of barriers.

The Festival wants to be an event to see us together, united in our diversity.

For these reasons the Festival is self-financing and that’s why, any help from each one of us is essential and very precious.

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