What should I bring?


Comfortable and layered clothing. Pants, tops, socks and similar are suggested. Something you feel good in!



Everything must be BLACK, because of the choreo.
BLACK is the color of this year.BLACK Pareo, skirts, or pants, up to you.
ANY COLOR YOU LIKE scarf for your head.


Bare feet, Ballet or Gymnastics shoes, BLACK socks are welcome.
BLACK Ballroom shoes or BLACK shoes with medium, width and comfortable heel, with clean sole.


Water, towel.
Notepad or notebook and pen.
Patches and safety pins.


Read the next FAQ.

Makeup and Hairstyle

We highly recommend to choose simple makeup and to tie your hair neatly behind to avoid distractions.

Please, bring the following:


BASE. Body painting WHITE color, white powder plus your skin color powder.
EYES. Black Kajal, Dark Brown and Pink eyeshadows.
LIP. Red lipstick, brown pencil.
Brushes and applicators.


Elastics, hairpins.
Any material you like to create volumes on the head (hairpieces or similar).
Wigs, hats, foulard or veils, laces to frame the head.
Flowers and decorations to adorn.

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May I have my photos?

You can get them for free from LaDibi FB Page, Instagram or ladibi.com. Feel free to tag yourself and share this amazing experience with your friends!

How can I get involved with the Hafla?

The Hafla, as an informal experience among friends, gives the opportunity to celebrate the day of studies spent together. To get involved with:


  • Bring your pants and top in BLACK color.
  • Accessories and fabrics in your favourite color.
  • Read the following FAQs.



  • Stay on the theme “THE BEAUTY OF THE DANCE“.
  • No later than the deadline, send your song in Mp3 to [email protected]
  • Max 3 minutes song (no 3:15).
  • No longer songs will be accepted.
  • The songs will be accepted in order of arrival and subject to availability.
  • You can perform only once: solo or in a group. Not in both.
  • Any special effects or similar can not be used for safety reasons.
  • If you wear shoes, only use dance shoes (ballet shoes or similar).


Who can attend the Festival?

The event is suitable for all levels, all of the classes are open level. Different options will be given for the various levels, from beginner to advance. Anyone can enjoy the Festival.

The Fusion Dance Festival is a fit for you, if you answer YES to at least one of these features:

  • You love Dance
  • You love to dance
  • You know a bit of Belly Dance or Tribal Fusion
  • You are a Dance Teacher
  • You are a Professional Dancer
  • You’ve never studied Dance before
  • You like Music