How to get fit in 60′? DANCEFIT TRAINING!

DanceFit Program by LaDibi Dance Academy



DANCEFIT is the new training programme created by LaDibi for you to lose weight and keep up your workout regime while having fun and learning new dance steps.

From fun and simple choreography to tougher programmes, rise to the challenge with group work and the smile that DANCEFIT will put on your face.




DanceFit Training System by LaDibi


With DANCEFIT you’ll discover Contemporary Fusion Dance, a new style of dance that incorporates various styles including Contemporary, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop and more… It’s a unique style. You’ll never get bored!

DANCEFITis a suitable workout for anyone who intends to keep in shape or get back to their desired shape. It’s an excellent system for losing weight by having fun and working hard at the same time.

Whether you’re a dancer, a dance lover, a fitness fanatic or someone who has never done any dance before, DANCEFIT has been divided into different programmes and so it will get you involved for its entire duration.

Even if you only like one of either good music, dance or fitness, you’ll go wild for DANCEFIT!




You are thinner

It stimulates weight loss with a fat-burning action.


You are fitter

It improves strength, posture, agility and poise.


You feel confident

It instils femininity, grace and elegance.


You are happier

It brings on a good mood and spontaneous smiles.


DANCEFIT is more than just fun.

It’s also a workout programme based on scientifically proven methods that give real benefits in a short time.

Part of the DANCEFIT programme is base on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method. According to the study conducted by Dr. Tremblay of the Physical Activities Sciences Laboratory, Laval University, Quebec, Canada,
with the HIIT method, you burn nine times as many calories and fat in 4 minutes than with 30 or 45 minutes of activity on a treadmill. 

The metabolism is then stimulated to burn fat for 24 hours after training.






With suitable choreography and the right music, you can be better prepared to face the rest of the lesson. The movements are chosen to warm up the body from head to toe, and from the large muscle groups to smaller ones. Attention to detail during this stage will help you to pick up all the moves taught quickly.




These are the best methods for working out through dance and have been designed to increase your sports performance and burn fat while having fun. Though weight loss is generally slower than in traditional workout methods, this is due to the metabolism adapting, the benefits of which can be felt 24 hours after the class.




You’ll learn different combinations of dance steps based on Contemporary Fusion Dance, a style that will surprise you by the wealth of influences and technical elements that characterise it. Through the choreography you will rediscover your femininity, elegance and strength – assets that will give you satisfaction and well-being.



Enjoy yourself until the end of the lesson with the most effective techniques for encouraging muscle stretching. The individual and team work will help you to finally achieve the flexibility you want. The breathing techniques combined with stretching will allow you to rediscover new vital energy and relaxation.

DANCEFIT classes last 60 minutes and thanks to the music and fun group work it’ll fly by in an instant.

You can choose whether to take part in the DANCEFIT OPEN LEVEL right away DANCEFIT OPEN LEVEL to prepare for the class with the help of a personal trainer by following the One To One programmes or semi-private programmes for up to 3 people.
Your faithful instructor will work by your side in order to achieve better and better results to ensure you enter the programme DANCEFIT OPEN LEVEL more gradually.



DANCEFIT is for everyone and for all ages.
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