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Her Vision

LaDibi works for the spread of dance and for the beauty of study and research in itself.

The experimentation in dance has always been its focus. She loves studying the different techniques to discover always new connections between them and new ideas for his work.

She writes about Dance, for Dance and for those who love it and to spread it as much as possible.


What does LaDibi teach?

She has created programs such as DanceFit , physical preparation for dancers, and Dance Through History , the program to learn the History of Dance, through Dance itself. LaDibi also teaches Tribal Fusion Belly Dance , with her particular style.



Excellent method to get back in shape and to keep it. Perfect balance between athletic training and dance, based on cutting-edge training circuits and excellent techniques such as Pilates and Yoga for the part of training. The different dance styles for the free body.

DanceFit generates long lasting physical benefits and feelings of well-being. Classes range from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the program. An individual or group experience that helps you feel better about yourself and others. Individual work, in pairs or team to motivate and achieve surprising results.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

The particular style of LaDibi is not a copy of the style of famous ballerinas. LaDibi starts from the study of ancient classical styles including Balletto, Odissi, Balinese, Tahitian and Belly Dance, to name just a few. The years of study in various countries of the world have contributed to her training, to propose her personal vision of the Tribal Fusion.

A bridge that combines the dance styles of the West and the East. A contemporary reinterpretation, rooted in ancient styles.

Dance Through History

Dance through History. Program available only for Retreats, Workshops and Festivals, designed to show the evolution of dance, over the times, from the origins to the present day. Very interesting historical evolutionary process, which is proposed and actively explained, through the movement itself of the participants who experience dances directly by dancing. From ritual and sacred dances to entertainment.


LaDibi’s Online Classes

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Complete list of and Prices 2019 here:

Fan Veils Technique Class is also available now, with LaDibi’s Giant Fan Veil! 


How to book your class with LaDibi?

1. Choose your class from the .pdf file above.

2. Click on the PayPal link for the class you want.

3. After payment is processed, go to LaDibi FB Page and pick your spot up, from the calendar.


Chat with LaDibi for any questions you may have.

Training and Masters

LaDibi studies different styles of dance and interpretation, around the world, to create a sort of encounter between different cultures, through Dance itself. Her continuous search for the sole taste of discovery in itself, led her to acquire different techniques that she decided to share through this site, workshops and retreats.

LaDibi began with his particular style at the age of 18, collaborating with different groups of musicians. She continues to teach her style online, through the LaDibi Academy, and physically at the workshops and retreats.

She has worked as a dancer in Italy and has performed on various national and international stages for Oriental and Tribal Fusion Festivals. LaDibi has worked with live music ensembles, founded and directed some artistic projects including P:Ink Circus, based on various circus disciplines and Dance Theatre, and the Little Lady Burlesque project, focused on Cabaret Burlesque.

Her natural curiosity led her to study various types of dance, so her style evolved over time. Travel around the world to study the dances of various cultures. Her creative adventure begins with the classical dance lessons as a child.

In Brazil, LaDibi begins to expand its skills as a dancer, starting with Afro Brasilian Dance. In Northern Africa, then, the traditional dances and the first steps of Belly Dance. After that Flamenco, Tap Dance, Aerial Disciplines in Europe. Odissi, Butō and Balinese Dance in Asia, and Tahitian Dance.

Among her teachers of Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style (ATS), Oriental Gypsy, Flamenco Fusion, cymbal techniques and Ali of Isis, artists like Rachel Brice, Colleen Shakti, Jillina, Ansuya, Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli, Kami Liddle, Deana Lawman and Sara Jefferys Emrys, Ahmed Abd El Azim. Anurekha Ghosh and Colleena Shakti for Kathak, Kalbelia and Indian Fusion.

Classic and modern with Grazia Negro, Annagrazia D’Antico, Joan Bosioc and Maria Sandya.

Contemporary Jazz with Don Marasigan.

Flamenco (Tango, Bulerìa, Alegria, Siguirija, Sevillanas, Manton, Bata de Cola and Castañuelas Technique) with Elisa Diaz, Monica Morra, Pilar Ogalla, Andres Peña, Angel Atienza, Mercedes Ruiz, Manuel Betanzos.

Tap Dance with Ruben Sanchez, Jason Janas, Lee Howard, Davide Accossato and Margherita Marasigan.

At the moment, engaged in traditional Balinese dance studios, classical Indian Odissi, Tahitian Dance, Tribal Fusion and TheatreDance.


“An ancestral impulse for survival, a special window to see the world as a better place, a magical tool to reach the heart of a spectator. To thank people for their precious time and return an experience in a parallel time. A way that always changes and evolves into something that expresses a concept of different emotions. Give voice to people and their ideas.

This is the Art of Dance for me “.

LaDibi aka Alessandra Dibitetto

Director of LaDibi Academy


Not only virtual. Meet me in person.




Every Saturday Las Sevillanas

Saturday - 11:00am



Raks by the Sea Competition in Bali

Friday - 12:00am



A Ballad of Soul – Show in Lisbon

Sunday - 7:00pm




Dance is a Drug – Show in Berlin

Friday - 8:00pm




Musicality Workshop

Thursday - 5:00pm



Hafla with Colleena Shakti

Friday - 8:00pm



Fusion Dance Festival 4

Sunday - 12:00am